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National Rifle Association | NRA-ILA News
  • Incoming President of the NRA Lt. Col. Oliver North, USMC (Ret.), will be in Pocatello on Friday, June 29 to speak at the Idaho Republican Party convention. 

  • Should law-abiding Americans be able to participate in the modern economy on equal terms? Or should unscrupulous politicians who can’t earn the votes to pass their policy proposals the democratic way use access to financial services as an end run around the political process? If you’re an anti-gun member of Congress who has failed at gun control, your answer to these questions is “no” and “yes,” respectively. And should a banking regulator have the audacity to suggest that politics don’t belong in financial services, you respond by calling for him to be formally investigated for abusing his authority for political purposes. 

  • What does your child’s tee-ball team, an elementary school field day, and the institutional gun control lobby have in common? They all give out participation trophies.

  • New York gun owners will take any bit of good news coming out of Albany that they can get.

  • A common thought (maybe even a rational one) is that gun owners hesitate to share their status as gun owners in surveys. It makes perfect sense, particularly in times of heightened concerns that anti-gun politicians are plotting to restrict our 2nd Amendment rights and the routine vilification of law-abiding gun owners by politicians, celebrities, and the media. A recent study confirmed that more people are refusing to answer questions about firearms ownership.