Orchard Mesa Gun Club Inc.


  1.           All targets must be placed in front of a berm.  NO RICOCHETS!!!
  2.           Ricochets of any kind for any reason are NOT ALLOWED!!!
  3.          Shooting in any manner that will allow projectiles from NOT being backstopped by a berm is NOT ALLOWED!   Proper Target Location and Height -Major consideration!!
  4.          Shooting at rocks, tires, scrap metal and junk of any kind is PROHIBITED anywhere on Range.  Steel pistol  targets are permitted ONLY in 100 and 35 yard south pit(s).
  5.  5. A steel gong is located on the south end of 300 yard impact area, on rifle portion of range, placed within a separate pit please use this pit for steel gongs.   NO RICOCHETS!!!
  6.     All shooting in the north  pit  will be limited to Rimfire  rifle and air rifle discipline ONLY!
  7.      Air Pistols are allowed in north pit ONLY for Junior shooters under direct supervision of an onsite certified instructor.
  8.      Shotguns are allowed in the north pit when shooting into a berm -- NO aerial shots!  Clean up your expended hulls -- Thank you.
  9.  s  Shooters using this north pit must adhere to the rifle firing line procedures and fire ONLY from firing line.

  10. 0.   Handgun shooting  of any caliber will NOT BE ALLOWED in  the north pit. 
  11.          Handgun shooting is NOT ALLOWED on main north covered range for distances less than 100 yards .  Targets in front of 100, 200 or 300 yard berms MUST be set at the proper Location and Height  to force projectiles into impact berms.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  12.          ALL handgun shooters shall use the south three pits for distances of 100 yards or less.  These pits are designed to be used concurrently and with all current production caliber of handguns.  Targets MUST be placed DIRECTLY  in front of berms and then firing from the desired distance from target.   Shooting distances from targets are variable within the three pits.
  13. Steel pistol  targets are permitted ONLY in 100 and 35 yard south pit(s) and must be placed                               DIRECTLY in front of berm. 
  14. Rifles are allowed to use the long 100 yard pit when not occupied by pistols shooters.
  15. Shotguns are allowed in the south pits when shooting into a berm -- No aerial shots! 
  16. Clean up your expended hulls -- Thank you.  NO RICOCHETS!!!
  17.      A large fenced parcel on the northeast  side of the rifle portion of range is designated as a Buffer Safety Zone by Mesa County Planning Department.  This is a RESTRICTED ACCESS -- NO SHOOTING -- NON IMPACT area.  DO NOT SHOOT INTO OR FROM THIS AREA!
  18.      50 caliber BMG centerfire rifles are PROHIBITED from use  anywhere on the range.  This restriction of 50 caliber BMG centerfire rifles is based on the excessive noise emitted, the limited distance of a maximum of 300 meters for an impact area and firing line protocol/safety.  Muzzleloader rifles of all calibers are permitted on the rifle portion of the range.
  19.          The OMGC membership badge is to be displayed and visible to other members, on outer layer of clothing or headgear at ALL times when on the range.  Location of badge is a personal choice.