The OMGC allows the range to be reserved for a variety of fun and competitive Matches. These matches provide a place for you to have fun competing with friends and increase your skills with firearms.


  • High Power Rifle
  • Battle Rifle
  • Hunter Bench Rest
  • Schuetzenfest

The OMGC High Power Matches are for Service Rifle or Match Rifle shooters. The course of fire is the standard 50 shot National Match Course 200 yard reduced. Scores are turned in to the NRA for shooter classification and can qualify the shooter to purchase rifles from the CMP. Matches are held from April to September. See the calendar for dates.


The Battle Rifle Match is for unmodified military bolt action or semi automatic rifles. The Match consists of ten shots off hand in 10 minutes, ten shots sitting or kneeling in 2 minutes with the shooter reloading at least once if needed and 20 shots prone in 20 minutes. All firing is done at the standard 200 yard High Power target which has an approximately 13 inch aiming black. Any shot in the black scores 1 point. Shooters may wear battle dress if they like. No High Power shooting coats or slings are allowed. Prizes are given for the high shooter and high shooters for both Axis and Allied rifles.


 This modern day game is a near reenactment of the great rifle matches of 100 years ago. Shot at 200 yards using strictly plain base cast bullets and single shot rifles, it requires patience, precision techniques, and a steady off-hand stance.


This is a informal non-sanctioned bench rest competition using bulls eye targets. 50 shots total; 25 at 100 yards and 25 at 200 yards. Sighting targets are provided. The limits are no rifle over .30 caliber and maximum 6X scope.



Sponsored by the Orchard Mesa Gun Club

High Power Committee

Saturday, April 9, 2016

9:00 AM until 1:00 PM


This rifle match is open to any safe, unaltered battle rifle: single shot, bolt action or semi-auto.



-match sights

-aftermarket sights

-bedding enhancements

-non-military barrels

-tracer or armor piercing ammo

-free floated hand guards

-shooting coats or tight slings, military slings must be attached at front and rear or removed.


-M1As (due to shooter request).

-spotting scopes during the match.  They may be used during practice period.


Shooters May:

-use soft point, cast lead or military ball ammo.

-wear authentic battle dress and accessories if desired.


The spirit of the match is authentic battle rifles not NRA Match or Service Rifles.


Entry Fee:

The fee for the match is $10:00.  Monetary prizes will be given for overall match winners and high axis and allied shooters.


Course of Fire:  There will be a general sighting in period and practice of not more than 20 minutes, prior to the start of the match.  The match will be fired at 200 yards using the NRA SR target which has a round black bull 13 inches in diameter.  There will be three stages to the match.

            Stage 1:  10 shots, slow fire, single loading in 10 minute.


Stage 2:  10 shots, rapid fire from a sitting or kneeling positions starting with a full magazine in 2 minutes.


Stage 3:  20 shots, slow fire, single load from the prone position in 20 minutes.


Scoring:  Any shots hitting the black aiming bull will be scored as 1 point.  Shots in the X ring will be noted and used to break ties.


The range will be open at 9:00 AM for target setup, followed be a short safety and shooters meeting.  Practice will be followed by the match.  Targets will then be taken down and a short awards ceremony will be held.  It is anticipated we will be done by approximately 1:00 PM or sooner depending on the weather and the number of shooters.  The firing line is covered and is cement.  Shooters should bring something to lie on.  The excess funds from the match will be used to support the OMGC High Power Matches.



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