Here is EXACTLY what S. 176, if gun-grabbing California Senator Barbara Boxer gets her way, would do to the status of concealed carry in America:

  • Outlaw Vermont-style carry by requiring a permit system in every state that allows concealed carry of any kind (Vermont’s freedoms do not require a permit to carry);
  • Establish a national minimum age of 21 for permits;
  • Require that law enforcement be involved in the process (many states simply use NICS checks and county clerks);
  • Insist an applicant prove (to law enforcement satisfaction) that he or she has a “good cause” for requesting a carry permit—returning us to the bad old days when self-defense wasn’t good enough; and,
  • Force applicants to get that same law enforcement officer to certify they are “worthy of the public trust to carry a concealed firearm in public.”